Getting Started with vSphere EXSi — The Missing Tutorial

Getting Started with vSphere

Today, I got an opportunity to work with vSphere. The plan for the day was to install vSphere on one of our machine and then connect to it using a Python API so that we can launch virtual machines. The official documentation lacked clarity and it was not easy for a newbie like me to get started with vSphere. Throughout the day we faced numerous problems, stumbled across many blogs and vmware forum posts, and finally managed to create our first VM via the official vSphere Python API — pyvmomi. In this detailed blog, I will go over all the steps required to get started with vSphere. We will start with how to install vSphere on a machine, then look at how to install command-line client on a linux machine, and finally learn how to talk to the vSphere host using Python. This blog is a work in progress and I will continue updating it as I learn more about vSphere. Continue reading “Getting Started with vSphere EXSi — The Missing Tutorial”