Day 3 : Flask — Instant Python Web Development with Python and OpenShift

Few days back Packtpub contacted me to review their recently published book on Flask. The book titled Instant Flask Web Development is written by Ron DuPlain. On my third day  of 30TechnologiesIn30Days challenge, I have decided to spend time on Flask. In this blog,  I will first talk about Flask framework basics and then will provide a small book review. Also, I will port the sample application to OpenShift. I am not entirely new to Flask and have built some sample applications using it. This would be a good refresher. Continue reading “Day 3 : Flask — Instant Python Web Development with Python and OpenShift”

Day 2 : AngularJS : Getting My Head Around AngularJS

Yesterday I kicked off a challenge where in I will learn a new technology every day for a month. Yesterday I talked about Bower — package manager for client side assets. You can read the blog here.  You can read the reddit discussion here.

Today I am going to learn basics of AngularJS and hopefully will be creating a very simple application using it.  This blog is live feed of my AngularJS learning experience. I will be using bower as well in this blog. I know I can’t cover AngularJS in one day so I will be spending multiple days on it but will cover different topics within AngularJS. Continue reading “Day 2 : AngularJS : Getting My Head Around AngularJS”

DevFest Austria 2013 Talk : Thinking Beyond RDBMS — Building Polyglot Persistence Java Applications

Couple of weeks back I gave a talk at DevFest Austria event on how to use different nosql datastores with OpenShift.  You can view the video here.

Day 1 : Bower — Manage Your Client Side Dependencies

From today onwards I have taken a challenge that I will learn a new technology every day for a month and will blog about it. I will also try to do a small screencast.  After my normal office working hours I will spend couple of hours learning a new technology and one hour writing about that. The goal of this activity is to get familiar with lot of new things happening in community. My main focus would be on JavaScript and related technologies but it can be Java or other technology as well. There will be some technologies on which I might spend multiple days but I will pick new topic each time within that technology. Wherever it makes sense I will try to show how it can work with OpenShift. So, I am expecting it to be fun and a good learning experience.

As my first topic I have decided to learn about Bower. Continue reading “Day 1 : Bower — Manage Your Client Side Dependencies”