Allow Yourself To Be Bored — Part 1

A couple of weeks back during my weekend morning walk to the neighbourhood park, like most people, I had put on my headphones. I was walking, lost in my favorite playlist, when someone tapped on my shoulder and asked me a question that why people of my age have headphones plugged into their ears. I candidly answered, Because it is boring. Continue reading “Allow Yourself To Be Bored — Part 1”

Issue 1: 10 Reads A weekly newsletter on Software Development that will make you think

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the first issue of 10 Reads, a free hand-crafted weekly newsletter on software development, programming, and technology. Each week I will share 10 articles that open your mind and give some food for thought. This newsletter is not about all cool Github projects or how to tutorials. I will be sharing posts that make you think and help you become better software engineer.  The number of articles is limited to 10 so that you are not bombarded with excessive content. I will also specify the time that it took me to read the article so that you have some real estimate on how much time it will take to go over the content. Total time to read all the content in this newsletter is 95 minutes. Continue reading “Issue 1: 10 Reads A weekly newsletter on Software Development that will make you think”

Always Be Reading

I became a software engineer by chance. I was offered a job by a software organization during my campus interviews. I took it. And I became a software engineer.

Because I had pursued bachelors in Mechanical engineering, there was little learned about computer science in four years of my undergraduate course. My only interaction with it was during the first semester, where one of the subjects was C programming language. As far as I remember I enjoyed programming a lot. After entering the job, it took me a couple of years to figure out how I can succeed in the professional world. I realized that my magic formula to do good in professional and personal life is Always Be Reading.

In this post, I will share my thoughts on having a beginner mindset and continuously improve yourself to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Continue reading “Always Be Reading”