A very bad Software Developer Job Advertisement by Infosys.

I don’t read newspaper daily but today morning somehow I had some extra time so I thought to spent that time reading news paper. While reading or browsing the newspaper I saw a Job advertisement from Infosys. In recent past I have interviewed lot of Java developers from companies like Infosys , TCS and other biggies and found that most of them don’t know how to write code, never heard of new things happening in Software world, technically very weak overall. So, I was very curious to read about what all technologies they are looking to hire.

You can view the Job Opening here.

The first thing I read was …

Web Technologies

Java, J2EE, EJB, WebLogic, WebSphere Commerce Server, WebSphere Portal Server

Here I don’t get what they are trying to say when  they write Java as a Web technology. J2EE is very old  now it is JavaEE. EJB ?? I am sure they are working on EJB 2 or even prior version of it. And finally the big beasts from Oracle and IBM..

Second Thing which caught my eye…

Open Systems

C++, Unix

..WTF.. Please tell me what do you mean by this.. are you looking for developers who have knowledge of C++, and can work on Unix boxes.. ??

Last Thing that I saw.


Hadoop, Apace Cassandra, OpenLink, etc…

Now you are talking.. Hadoop and Cassandra are the latest technologies and any good developer will love to work on these technologies. Why you are putting these technologies in others..

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