Day 6 : Grails — Rapid JVM Web Development with Grails And OpenShift

On 6th day of 30 technologies in 30 days challenge, I have decided to learn Grails web framework. Grails is an open source web framework which uses Groovy and Java programming languages. The web applications written using Grails can be deployed in any of the existing web server like Jetty or Tomcat, etc. Grails is a JVM response to the Rails or Django web frameworks. In this blog, I will first talk how we can develop a simple web application using Grails Eclipse plugin, and then we will deploy the application to OpenShift.

Why should we care about Grails?

The two reasons why I considered learning Grails are :

  1. Rapid web development : It can help us achieve productivity benefits similar to Rails or Django but without leaving JVM and Java knowledge.
  2. Powered by proven technologies : Grails underneath uses Spring and Hibernate to power web applications. It can be considered as syntactic sugar over these technologies. Continue reading “Day 6 : Grails — Rapid JVM Web Development with Grails And OpenShift”