Day 8 : Harp — The Modern Static Web Server

So far in the 30 technologies in 30 days blog series, we have looked at Bower, AngularJS, and GruntJS JavaScript technologies. These latest technologies are designed and developed to make developer life easier and more productive. Today, we will learn another new JavaScript technology called Harp. In this blog, we will start with the basics of Harp, and then we will create a simple Harp application, and finally deploy the application to OpenShift. Read the full blog at

Day 1 : Bower — Manage Your Client Side Dependencies

From today onwards I have taken a challenge that I will learn a new technology every day for a month and will blog about it. I will also try to do a small screencast.  After my normal office working hours I will spend couple of hours learning a new technology and one hour writing about that. The goal of this activity is to get familiar with lot of new things happening in community. My main focus would be on JavaScript and related technologies but it can be Java or other technology as well. There will be some technologies on which I might spend multiple days but I will pick new topic each time within that technology. Wherever it makes sense I will try to show how it can work with OpenShift. So, I am expecting it to be fun and a good learning experience.

As my first topic I have decided to learn about Bower. Continue reading “Day 1 : Bower — Manage Your Client Side Dependencies”