MongoDB Query Tip : Find All The Documents Where Array Length is Greater Than N

Suppose we have blog document in blogs collection as shown below.

> db.blogs.insert({author : "Shekhar Gulati","title":"Hello World","text":"Hello World!!","tags":["mongodb","openshift"]})
> db.blogs.insert({author : "Shekhar Gulati","title":"Hello World","text":"Hello World!!","tags":["mongodb","openshift","nosql"]})

Now you want to find out all those blogs which have more than 2 tags then query is shown below.

> db.blogs.find({$where : "this.tags.length > 2"}).pretty()
	"_id" : ObjectId("51011037bf779459a978f96f"),
	"author" : "Shekhar Gulati",
	"title" : "Hello World",
	"text" : "Hello World!!",
	"tags" : [


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