Day 3 : Flask — Instant Python Web Development with Python and OpenShift

Few days back Packtpub contacted me to review their recently published book on Flask. The book titled Instant Flask Web Development is written by Ron DuPlain. On my third day  of 30TechnologiesIn30Days challenge, I have decided to spend time on Flask. In this blog,  I will first talk about Flask framework basics and then will provide a small book review. Also, I will port the sample application to OpenShift. I am not entirely new to Flask and have built some sample applications using it. This would be a good refresher. Continue reading “Day 3 : Flask — Instant Python Web Development with Python and OpenShift”

Build Your App on OpenShift Using Flask, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL 9.2

Deploy Flask Python Apps on OpenShift

Let me start this blog by confessing that I am a Java guy who first learned Python three years back but haven’t used it much in my day to day work. So, after three long years, I have decided to brush up on my Python skills by developing a simple web application. By simple I don’t mean “Hello World” application but an application which does some work like storing data to a database. After spending some time googling “best web framework in Python,” I zeroed in on Flask. Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. It is a very easy to learn framework and is based on convention over configuration, which means that many things are preconfigured with sensible defaults.

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