Day 11: AeroGear Push Server–Push Notifications Made Easy

Today for my 30 day challenge, I decided to extend the PhoneGap application we developed yesterday with push notifications. Push notifications allow an application to notify or alert its users even when the application is not in use. For example, if we have a twitter app with push notifications enabled, the app can notify you whenever someone follows or mention you, even if the app is not running.

Several weeks ago, I read a very informative blog post by Jay Balunas on how to setup your own push notification server on OpenShift using AeroGear. At that time, I did not get the chance to use the AeroGear OpenShift cartridge, but today we can use it add push capabilities to the reader app we developed yesterday. Read the full blog here

Day 10: PhoneGap–Mobile Development for the Dummies

Today for my 30 day challenge, I decided to learn about mobile development. For a long time, I thought mobile development was fud, and there will be no business model around most of the applications. In fact, writing mobile applications never excited me. However, given the advancements that have happened in the mobile space, and the fact that more people access the internet on mobile devices than desktops, I decided to give mobile development a try. I will be using PhoneGap as my starting point for my mobile development journey. Read full blog here