Adding Third Party Jars To An OSGI Bundle

Few days back I was writing a Spring Roo add-on(an OSGI bundle) which required me to add some external 3rd party jars to the OSGI bundle pom.xml file. I am not very well verse with OSGI so it took me some time to figure out how to add 3rd party jars to an OSGI bundle. In this short blog post I am sharing the recipe to add third part jars.

The exception that you get when OSGI bundle is not able to find the dependency is like this.

org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint com.shekhar.roo.addon [66]: Unable to resolve 66.0: missing requirement [66.0] package; (package=com.shekhar.utils)

To solve this error you need to add Embed-Dependency tag to your maven bundle plugin as shown below. The example shows that I need to add commons-io and utils jar to my OSGI bundle. To get more information about Embed-Dependency tag and maven bundle plugin please refer to the documentation.

		<Bundle-Copyright>Copyright Shekhar Gulati. All Rights Reserved.</Bundle-Copyright>

Hadoop Maven Archetype

Today, I found out the easiest way to generate a maven based Hadoop project using a maven archetype. This will generate a sample Hadoop project which uses hadoop version 0.20.2. The sample project also contains the famous WordCount example. To generate the maven project type following on the command line

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog= -DgroupId=com.hadoop.example -DartifactId=hadoop-example

You can also get more information about the archetype at