Day 7 : GruntJS LiveReload : Take Productivity To Another Level

On day 5 of my 30 technologies in 30 days challenge I talked about using GruntJS to perform repetitive tasks. Today, we will extend the example covered in that blog with html templates and livereload server. In this blog, we will first cover how we can use an html template with grunt-markdown plugin and then I will cover how we can take productivity to the next level by using grunt-watch plugin. Please read my earlier blog on GruntJS in case you are not familiar with GruntJS. Read the full blog at

Day 5 : GruntJS : Let Someone Else Do My Tedious Repetitive Tasks

Today I decided to learn GruntJS. GruntJS is a JavaScript based command line build tool. It can help us automate repetitive tasks. We can think of it as JavaScript alternative to Make or Ant. It can perform tasks like minification, compilation , unit testing, linting, etc. As more and more development moves towards client side, it makes a lot more sense to use tools which can help us become more productive. In this blog, I will show how we can use GruntJS to minify javascript files. Then using GruntJS markdown plugin we will convert a markdown document to HTML5 document. Let’s get started. The full blog series can be tracked on this page.

Why should we care?

The main reason why we should learn GruntJS is that developers by nature are lazy creatures. They make mistakes when doing repetitive tedious manual tasks. Continue reading “Day 5 : GruntJS : Let Someone Else Do My Tedious Repetitive Tasks”