Teradata Covalent with Angular 4 Compilation Error

Today, I decided use Teradata Covalent components in my Angular 4 application. After adding the dependency, my project stopped compiling. I started getting following errors

ERROR in /Users/dev/app//node_modules/@covalent/core/common/animations/toggle/toggle.directive.d.ts (2,10): Module "/Users/dev/app/node_modules/@angular/animations/animations" has no exported member 'AnimationBuilder'.
ERROR in /Users/dev/app/node_modules/@covalent/core/common/animations/fade/fade.directive.d.ts (2,10): Module "/Users/dev/app/node_modules/@angular/animations/animations:" has no exported member 'AnimationBuilder'.

I tried googling this error but couldn’t find a fix. Then, i looked at the Covalent Github repository to find the Angular version  they are using. It turned out to be Angular version issue. I was using Angular 4.1.3 and Covalent needs Angular version 4.2.0 and above. After making the change, I was able to get my app working.