Why GraphQL? 8 Reasons After Reading 13 GraphQL Case studies

GraphQL is a query language built by Facebook. It is an alternative to building REST APIs. In the last few years it has become popular and there are many big organisations like Facebook, Github, NewYork Times, Shopify, Walmart Labs, and many others that are using it to build their web applications.

GraphQL is a query language and a runtime system. Clients form requests (called queries and mutations) by using the GraphQL query language, and the GraphQL server executes the request and returns the data in a response. Unlike REST APIs, which expose a different endpoint for each resource object, a GraphQL API makes all data available at a single endpoint. A client specifies exactly the data that it wants, and the server responds with only that data.

For last few months I am thinking to spend time learning about GraphQL but before I get deeper into GraphQL I wanted to understand why many organisations are adopting it. So, I spent a day reading GraphQL case studies mentioned on the GraphQL website.

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