Software Architecture Document Template

Below is the template that I use to document software architecture. This is based on the experience I gained doing architecture and design work over the years.

If you prefer Google Docs then you can create a copy of the template. If you prefer Markdown version then you get it from the Github repository.

<X> System Software Architecture Document

Give a high level overview of the requirements

User Roles and their Responsibilities

Document main user personas that will use the application

Add text here


Any constraint that you need to keep in mind for your design

Add text here


Any assumptions that you have made while coming up with the design

Add text here

Business Process

Important business processes that you have considered while creating the design

Add text here

Non-functional Requirements

Most important quality attributes based on the business goals

Add text here

Back of the envelope calculations

Add text here

Functional Layer Diagram

List of functional components that will make the system. Which actor will work on which functional part.

Add text here

Architecture Style

Which architecture style you are proposing to build the application

Add text here

Solution Context Diagram

This is a high level context diagram that shows system as a black box, its main user personas, and external integrations

Add text here

Solution Diagram

In this section you create the solution diagram showing different components that make the system. This is a zoom-in view of the system you are building.

Add text here

Technology Stack

The list of technologies that you will use to build the system and the reason you choose them

Add text here

Important Architecture Decisions

Important architecture decision that you want development team to follow

Add text here

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