Issue #7: 10 Reads, A Handcrafted Weekly Newsletter for Humans

Hey y’all,
Here are 10 reads I thought were worth sharing this week. The total time to read this newsletter is 135 minutes.
  1. 10 Practices to be a better Scrum Master : 10 mins: This is a good read for any Agile team. For me the best practice among the list is Don’t Beat the Team over the Head with an Agile Rule Book. This is what most Agile coaches or Scrum master get wrong. They try to force rules that they themselves have never followed. Other thing that I have observed is that many of the Agile coaches have either never done software development or if they did it was 5 or 10 years in the past. I think they can be more helpful if they have real Agile software development experience.
  2. Your IDE as presentation tool: 10 mins. I do that is most of my talks as well. It is difficult to get it right but if you are confident and prepared well your talk can be more informational to the audience.
  3. Remote Only: 15 mins: I worked remotely for couple of years when I was working with Red Hat. I enjoyed the experience most of the time but there was times when you feel lonely or wanting to work with people. I plan to do remote work again in future as I think it is more productive than working in open space offices. This post shares practical tips, advantages, and disadvantages of working remotely. The best point for me is Writing down and recording over verbal explanations. In the book Rework by Basecamp guys, they talked about if they had to hire between two equally competent people they would prefer to hire a person who is a better writer.
  4. The Day You Became a Better Writer (2015): 5 mins. This is small useful post giving advice on how to write effectively. The key point for me is Simple writing is persuasive.
  5. Replacing jQuery with Vue.js: No Build Step Necessary: 15 mins: The post uses simple examples to demonstrate how we can replace jQuery with Vue.js. Vue.js looks simple to use and you can introduce it to your project incrementally.
  6. Fear of Better Options (FOBO) is The Reason You Can’t Make a Tough Decision : 15 mins. The post talks about why having more choices and optimising for the best option leads to frustration, stress, regret, and unhappiness. The reality of the matter we will never have complete information so we will never be in position to make the best bet. The author suggests instead we should look at option and the first that meets our criteria should be chosen. This decision making paradox happens to us in all walks of your life. This is relevant when you are trying to make decision about partner you want to settle or what next thing you should learn. I usually get overwhelmed when I have to decide what should I learn next.
  7. The Scientific Argument for Mastering One Thing at a Time: 5 mins. The counterintuitive insight from all of this research is that the best way to change your entire life is by not changing your entire life. Instead, it is best to focus on one specific habit, work on it until you master it, and make it an automatic part of your daily life. Then, repeat the process for the next habit.
  8. Building Services at Airbnb, part 1 and Building Services at Airbnb, part 2 : 30 mins. Airbnb is moving its infrastructure at an accelerated pace towards a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), but moving from a monolithic Rails service towards a SOA while building out new products and features is not without its challenges.
  9. 6 things I’ve learned in my first 6 months using serverless : 10 mins. The six lessons are 1) Ditch Python 2) Burn the middle layer to the ground 3) Enjoy the Vue 4) Learn to love DynamoDB 5) Serverless Framework FTW 6) Authorization is the new sheriff in the town.
  10. Genius as Circumstance : 15 mins. There is a way of thinking about genius that could powerfully encapsulate the creative process. It begins by no longer applying the term to individuals. If calling an individual “a genius” sounds pompous and grandiose, describing some thing as “genius” is commonplace. “That was a genius move,” I find myself saying too often for it to actually mean very much.

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