Allow Yourself To Be Bored — Part 1

A couple of weeks back during my weekend morning walk to the neighbourhood park, like most people, I had put on my headphones. I was walking, lost in my favorite playlist, when someone tapped on my shoulder and asked me a question that why people of my age have headphones plugged into their ears. I candidly answered, Because it is boring.

When I came back home, my mind was constantly contemplating on what that elderly man asked me. And, I realized that it was quite a poignant question. I wondered what is really bad about feeling bored. Is it really bad? Why don’t we allow ourselves to be bored sometimes? Why there is a need to stay connected all day to our devices?

I came across a theory in my current read Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, where he talks about two different ways in which our brain form thoughts:

  1. System 1: Fast, automatic, frequent, unconscious
  2. System 2: Slow, effortful, logical, conscious.

My concept is when we walk without listening to music, our mind has a tendency to form thoughts using System 2. As most of us are uncomfortable and not used to System 2 thinking, we make it easy for us by listening to music. Music soothes us and takes us into an unconscious mode of thinking i.e. System 1. Kahneman also mentions that humans follow The Law of Least Effort i.e. we tend to do things that require least effort.

By the way, talking about the height of our obsession with devices and stay connected 24/7. The other day in the men’s washroom, I saw a guy peeing with one hand holding *** and his other hand was browsing Facebook with acrobatic skills.
I realized, this could be nothing but insanity.

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