strman-java 0.4.0 Released

I am happy to announce 0.4.0 version of strman library. strman is a Java 8 library to work with String. It implements a number of helper utility functions that you makes it easy to work with String. You can refer to strman documentation to learn about all the supported functions.

In this release, we have implemented following functions

  1. chop: This function chops the input String into parts
  2. dasherize: This function converts a underscored or camelized string into an dasherized one.
  3. humanize: This function  converts an underscored, camelized, or dasherized string into a humanized one.
  4. lines: This function split input to lines
  5. zip: This function aggregates the contents of n strings into a single list of tuples.
  6. underscored: This function converts a camel or dashed string into an underscored one.
  7. isBlank: This function returns true if a string is blank or null and false otherwise.


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