Talk: Alpaca Static Typing On The Beam

Today, I watched talk Alpaca Static Type Checking on the Beam.  alpaca-lang is a statically typed functional programming language inspired by ML family of languages for the Erlang VM. It has strong type inference based on Hindley-Milner type system. Type checker will disallow adding String to an Integer. It looks like an interesting language. 

Following are the main points from the talk:

  1. alpaca-lang uses Erlang as the target platform just like Scala uses JVM as the platform.
  2. alpaca is static typed whereas Erlang is dynamic typing.
  3. Testing in JVM language is much more involved compared to Erlang ecosystem
  4. Erlang has pattern matching at function level as well.
  5. Tests are written in the same file as the production source code
  6. Alpaca steals from both Erlang and Scala.
  7. Tests and types are two sides of the same coin. Type system also does a lot of tests for you automatically.
  8. This is what Alpaca code looks like as shown below 
  9. A language should be consistent so that as a developer you don’t have to memorise a lot of stuff.
  10. Alpaca has strong pattern matching support

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