Be a Rock Star at Work

Yesterday, I started reading The Greatness Guide book by Robin Sharma and one of the important lessons he shared is Be a Rock Star at Work. This looks obvious but if you ask yourself honestly you will be surprised how many times you failed to live up to your own expectations. We all want to do best at our workplaces but fail to make an impact or do justice to our work. This could be because you don’t enjoy your work or your workplace sucks. At the end, we end up just being mediocre rather than achieving to our full potential. We waste a hell lot of time in office politics or tea time gossips that pollute our mind so much that we don’t give our 100% at work. Our mind is always occupied by so many other thoughts that we never do justice to our work. This is a very important lesson as work is what defines us and provide meaning to our life. When you go back home after office day you should be satisfied that you gave your 100% to the problem at hand.

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