Deploying Application To OpenShift Express using Spring Roo OpenShift Express Add-on

Last couple of years Spring Roo has been one of my favorite tool to rapidly build Spring applications for demo, POC, and learning new technologies. With Spring Roo Cloud Foundry integration you can not only build applications rapidly but deploy to Cloud Foundry public cloud with a couple of commands. In case you are not aware of Spring Roo and Cloud Foundry you can refer to my Spring Roo series on IBM DeveloperWorks. From last 5-6 months I have been following OpenShift platform as a service and I am really in love with OpenShift Express because of its feature set and simplicity. In case you are not aware of OpenShift Express please refer to the documentation. There are two ways Java applications can be deployed to express — using ruby command line tool called RHC and using Eclipse plugin. Personally I like rhc command line more than eclipse plugin. The rhc command line tool is great but you should have ruby runtime installed on your machine. Being Spring Roo afficianado I decided to write Spring Roo OpenShift Express add-on to create, deploy, add cartridges from with Roo shell. This can be thought of as a third way to deploy applications to OpenShift Express. The project is hosted on Google Code at In this blog I will show you how you can install the add-on, create a template OpenShift Express application, convert that application to a Spring MongoDB application using Spring Roo, and finally deploy application to OpenShift Express.  You can read the full blog at my company blog

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