OpenShift vs CloudFoundry

This is a old blog. Lot of things have changed in OpenShift and I will write updated post in coming few weeks.


6 thoughts on “OpenShift vs CloudFoundry

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  1. Hi Shekhar,

    I disagree with “being tightly bound Spring way of development (for Java)”. You can use vmc push on .war files without having to use Spring or STS at all.

    Also, Cloud doesn’t give you control over the infrastructure, but the fact that you can download the source from GitHub and deploy wherever you like certainly does!

    Finally, in the services available, activemq should actually be RabbitMQ


  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to update you that as if August 10th OpenShift no longer requires an amazon account to trying it. And there is a free level, Express, that doesn’t require you to use the UI, and can run indefinitely for free. All levels run EE6 and let you use CDI the nice new simple Java development model.

    1. That is a great news. I will again give OpenShift a try.It was big bottleneck for me and I think for lot of other developers. Thanks. Good Work

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