Reduce Boilerplate Code for DAO’s — Hades Introduction

Most web applications will have DAO’s for accessing the database layer. A DAO provides an interface for some type of database or persistence mechanism, providing CRUD and finders operations without exposing any database details. So, in your application you will have different DAO’s for different entities. Most of the time, code that you have written in one DAO will get duplicated in other DAO’s because much of the functionality in DAO’s is same (like CRUD and finder methods).

One of way of avoiding this problem is to have generic DAO and have your domain classes inherit this generic DAO implementation. You can also add finders using Spring AOP; this approach is explained Per Mellqvist in this article. There is a problem with the approach: this boiler plate code becomes part of your application source code and you will have to maintain it. The more code you write, there are more chances of new bugs getting introduced in your application. So, to avoid writing this code in an application, we can use an open source framework called Hades.

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