10 thoughts on “Running Java Control Panel through command line in Windows Vista”

  1. i work with vista. i lost my teacup icon in control panel, Java Control Panel, i have tried to reinstall but all i get is a prompt i had a successful install but java cannot be detected anywhere but in programs as update. i tried get into command and nothing was there. i have no way to view any videos now. help, i am not so savvy in this.

    1. Go to the place where you installed JRE. Open command prompt and type javaws -version. Java control panel will open.

  2. Or, you could just invoke ‘ControlPanel’ from the command line, which directly calls the java vm control panel as opposed to javaws -viewer, which starts the control panel with the application cache focused.

  3. thank you very much. went to two other blogs with no joy before this one. great info. btw java’s own website is incorrect on how to open the java panel, when it comes to vista. Plus the PAY for assistance is a real shame of a scam on folks. Next laptop is a MAC and no JAVA. When I see companies purposefully make it costly and complicated…I drop them like a hot evil potato 🙂
    thank you again for helping me out ~ Much Love and an invite into some Truths awakenvideo


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