What we should not write on company’s blog?

These days organization expects their employees to write blogs/publish articles so that the organization gains more visibility. I believe blogs are a very good way by which you can gain more popularity and visibility in the developer’s community.  But I see lot of blogs published on company’s official blog as  developer’s personal experience or personal learning. These blogs lack the content and value as expected from a company blog. People just write the blog for the heck of writing it.

In my opinion writing such blogs does not increase the organization visibility.There should be a difference between what you should write in your personal blog to what you should write in an organization blog.

The blogs that you should write on a personal blog rather than on company blog are:-

1) Hello World blogs = These type of blogs does not provide any value as you can find such blogs all over the web. They just contain a very basic explanation of the concept or framework with or without a Hello World program. These blogs have one characteristic that the person who wrote this blog will also never read it again.
2) Opinionated blogs = These type of blogs contain your opinion about a topic, concept or an event. Writing opinionated blogs is not bad but
if you are writing your opinion on the company’s blog then it in a way represent your organization opinion also. So, when ever you write an opinionated blog, please match it with your organization values.
3) Blog with links to other blogs/articles= These blogs does not have any content of their own they just point to other links (video or text).

These are some of the types of blogs that should not be written on an official blog. Company’s blog should have good content and quality should matter over number of blogs published. Please post in your comments on what you think.

2 thoughts on “What we should not write on company’s blog?”

  1. I agree with you,
    Speaking of blogs in general (not company vs personal blog), as everyone can create his/her blog, there isn’t a quality barrier so the content reflects the technical quality of the writer and how deeply he understands the subjects he’s talking about.
    A prominent developer will write articles with a thorough analysis and an added value; a hobbyist or beginner will point to external resources, write basic howtos or flawed personal analysis just for the sake of gaining visibility and attracting readers.

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