Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger

Today, I was thinking why I and many other bloggers write as anonymous blogger without disclosing their correct identity.   I am writing down some reasons which lead me to write in an anonymous manner:-

  1. Fear of not looking stupid: – I feel this is the number one reason why people hide their identity.  This can be related to a blog which does not make sense or poor code examples.
  2. Writing on the topics which you can’t write otherwise: – There are topics on which you don’t want to write with your correct identity like your workplace environment, your manager  J , interview questions and many others. By hiding your identity, you can very easily do this.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous Blogger”

  1. 1.) You should not be afraid to look stupid, it is ok to be wrong as long as you are open to being corrected by the community. You have to remember that there is always someone out there who knows more than you.

    2.) While yes, writing about topics like that could get you fired, there are places already to do that anonymously (the wtf blog and forums for example). You could also learn write your posts in an anonymous fashion so that you are not pointing fingers at anyone.

    (Shameless plug: this post of mine comes to mind for both of these reasons that you blog anonymously: )

  2. reason 1 : you will improve over time, otherwise you would not look stupid because nobody would care to follow you.
    reason 2 : heard of ethics??? be ethical and do not write about confidential matters.

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