SCP command for Copying files from remote linux machine to local machine

I just faced a requirement that I needed to copy a zip file containing logs from a remote server to my local machine for some analysis.
I googled around and found at that you can use scp command to that for you.

scp -r <username of remote machine>:<remote location> <location of local directory>

scp -r /home/shekhar/tmp

Java Puzzler : They just find me !!

Couple of days back I wrote a piece of code which was behaving in an unexpected manner. I was confused what was happening. Take a look at the sample code below and predict its behavior

package com.shekhar;

public class JavaPuzzler {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		JavaPuzzler javaPuzzler = new JavaPuzzler();

	public void doSth() {
		float f = 1.2f;
		if (f >= 1.0) {
			f = 0.9999999999999f;
		InnerClass innerClass = new InnerClass(f);

	private class InnerClass {

		private float value;

		public InnerClass(float value) {
			if (value >= 1.0f) {
				throw new IllegalArgumentException(
						"Value can't be greater than 1.0f");

			this.value = value;

		public float getValue() {
			return value;

My initial expectation was that I would get value 0.9999999999999f as answer.Try it and find the answer. Share your answer and reasoning in comments.

How to exclude a sub package from Spring component scanning?

Suppose you are using Spring component scanning and you don’t want to scan classes in the sub-package you should use <context:exclude-filter> subtag of <context:component-scan> tag as shown below

<context:component-scan base-package="">
	<context:exclude-filter type="aspectj" expression="*" />

Here we have defined a aspectj pointcut which will exclude all the classes in the sub-package.