The Indian Startup Tech Show

I am Shekhar Gulati. I have been programming for past 11 years, writing technical blogs since 2009, having published around 200 articles/blogs on various technologies including Python, Scala, Java, JavaScript Machine learning, and many other technologies. Also, I have been speaking at various technical conferences worldwide.

I am planning to start a Startup Tech show. The show intends to focus on the technology stack used in Indian startups. The basic idea is to do a monthly video Tech Talk with the founders, CTOs,architects, and other senior technology folks of these startups. The entire talk would revolve around technology and other technical aspects. To me, this endeavor looks potent in terms of great technology offering to the wide, enthusiastic audience.

As such, I would like to discuss with you about your startup technology stack. We will discuss various technologies used in your product, technology challenges faced, and your technical hiring process.

If this sounds interesting to you, I look forward to meeting and having a great Google Hangout session with you. Let me know if we can discuss this by sharing your details in the contact form below.

You can checkout about me more at following links: