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Introducing Spring Roo, Part 3: Developing Spring Roo add-ons

Spring Roo is a RAD tool that lets you build applications (mainly web) quickly and easily. Under the hood, Spring Roo is based on OSGI add-on architecture, which makes it easy to extend Spring Roo by adding add-ons. Spring Roo provides commands to create add-ons that can be very easily made available to the Spring Roo user community. In this article, we first talk about Spring Roo architecture, talking about how Spring Roo leverages its own add-on architecture to provide different features, then we will create add-ons using the Roo shell and modify them to suit our needs. Please read the third article at IBM DeveloperWorks.

Creating Application using Spring Roo and Deploying on Google App Engine

Spring Roo is an Rapid Application Development tool which helps you in rapidly building spring based enterprise applications in the Java programming language. Google App Engine is a Cloud Computing Technology which lets you run your application on Google’s infrastructure. Using Spring Roo, you can develop applications which can be deployed on Google App Engine. In this tutorial, we will develop a simple application which can run on Google App Engine.
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