Who Am I?

Shekhar Gulati is Principal OpenShift Developer Evangelist working at Red Hat. He has more than 8 years of software web development experience. He works to create and foster the community around OpenShift. He regularly speaks at various conference and user groups around the world to spread goodness of OpenShift. You can view all his slides on speakerdeck. Shekhar is an active writer and has written many technical articles for IBM DeveloperWorks, Developer.com, and JavaLobby. His current interests are NoSQL databases, cloud computing, mainly Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), mobile development, javascript frameworks, and new things happening in Java community. When he is not traveling, he loves to write code and read technology books. You can follow him on twitter @ shekhargulati.

Shekhar Gulati

He is an active writer and writes for JavaLobby, Developer.com, IBM DeveloperWorks and his own blog at http://whyjava.wordpress.com/ .His mantra for writing is “Explore Learn Blog Repeat”.

13 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Shekhar, you had an interesting post on MapReduce, enjoyed it much. Als interestingly I saw a post on Reasons for incompetent software developers which intrigued me. How do I access the post?

  2. hi Shekhar,
    have attended ur Spring Roo and Cloud Foundry session in Java Conference. Very interesting and the way u presented was also awesome.


  3. Nice blog!
    I`ve ready just a litlle about scoped beans (revised for a simple project) but liked mongo db and spring roo aproach.
    Working here in Brazil, in Fireman Government.
    Have u heard about pentaho, u would like it.

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